6 comments on “A Bum Rap…or A Rap About a Bum.

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  2. Actually, Joe, under common law,contracts with minors are voidable BY THE MINOR, and not by a majority-age party to prevent, well, this.

    Sue in small claims.

  3. Meyer Marks is scum. He stiffed me for a couple hundred bucks four years ago. He forgot his checkbook. I called repeatedly and he said I’d get it when I get it. When I posted this on Facebook he threatened to sue me and said he wasn’t going to pay me AND he would never send me any more work. One of the reasons he said he wasn”t paying was that he had descided to run for Delegate instead of the Senate so he couldn’t use them. He told me I could pick them up.

  4. Interesting that someone can say what ever they like regardless of the truth. Perhaps the real scum’s are the ones that are trying make money off of Candidates for office. Anyone knows it cost a lot of money to run for office, I am not independently wealthy. I am just like anyone else that is working trying to make a living.

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  6. Anyone knows it takes money to run for office… except in your case. You see, it costs no money to not pay a bill and stick small businesses or young individuals with the loss of product and time. You call me scum and I call you a thief! Calling someone scum is not libelous but calling someone a thief is; if it’s not true. Sue me you moron. I am not calling you a bastard or SOB because I don’t know about your parents. But I do know that you have no place in society.

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