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  1. because rapists are known for obedience to the law. This is not hard to work out, rapist == CRIMINAL, as oin they don’t give a toss if they’re supposed to be in there or not. Do you think gender signs on toilets have some kind of magical forcefields or something?

    • unchainedaura, This is NOT about signs,. Obviously the content and context was lost on you. The sign was merely an example of the “norm” not being so in the future. Like it or not, men are men, and women are women ! I can tell you right now, if some *pervert * ( see definition below) walks into the bathroom with my (grandchild ) since my kids are grown, they will meet me . I am very pro gay, very pro gay rights, very pro gay marriage,etc… ( this is not a gay issue ), BUT , men go into the men’s restroom, and women go into the women’s restroom . This asinine law is not being embraced by the people, but being crammed down their throats , by the progressive radicals in charge . As for the signs having “magical forcefields”
      Surely you know that signs and stupid laws are magic and the criminals follow them. Take for example the anti gun laws (.they work great) our cities with the toughest gun laws magically have the highest murder rates . Everyone knows the safest place to shop is a mall with no CCW permits Those signs on the doors say no guns allowed, clearly no one goes into malls full of un-armed people and starts shooting. Then there are those no guns in theaters, no one has ever gone into one of the “safe” places and started shooting innocent people. Then do not forget those “Gun Free Zones” in our schools. No one has ever gone into a school and started shooting innocent kids . I suggest you worry about those signs , and their magical forcefields not working, instead of forcing another perversion onto our children !
      [v. per-vurt; n. pur-vert] Show IPA
      verb (used with object)
      to affect with perversion.
      to lead astray morally.
      to turn away from the right course.
      to lead into mental error or false judgment.
      to turn to an improper use; misapply.

      • There are several states with anti discrimination laws just like this. So far the only reports I’ve found of issues have been propaganda.

        Posing as transgender would require a level of empathy I doubt your typical “pervert” could muster.

        Let’s say someone does give it a shot. They can still be held accountable to voyeurism, or assault. Claiming they are transgender isn’t going to help.

        What is being eliminated is legit trans people being arrested for trying to use the bathroom just because someone got scared and called the cops.

        Please stop spreading irrational fear.

      • being trans does not make a person a pervert, your logic and your entire perspective on this is as full of holes as a sieve. Transitioning does not lead people astray either, to encourage discrimination based on asinine assumptions is far more likely to ruin childhoods than confronting reality in an open and up front way ever would. All you do by sheltering people in such a way is emotionally stunt them so when they finally encounter the real world they cannot handle it and bury their heads up their own butts or worse join the GOP

      • Unchained .

        You really are mixed up . Comprehension seems to escape you. Where did I ever say that Transgendered people were perverts? Is that how you see them ? I said perverts were the problem.
        I do not think you actually understand the meaning of discrimination . Exactly who is being discriminated against here, the Transgendered person, or the child ? As discrimination is in FAVOR ,or AGAINST . Is the victim in this situation being favored ? By definition , the child is being discriminated AGAINST because of ” the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit: ”

        Of course we shelter our children from abnormal things, that is called parenting. I guess you prefer taking kids to the morgue to expose them to death, maybe to the local stroll to teach them about sex, and prostitution, and commerce, or maybe to prison to teach them not take another kids toy , or more sex education, ( you would not want to shelter them ) Obviously you should let them drive really fast to teach them about car safety . Obviously they will need to beaten severely to learn about abuse, and then raped to learn about sexual abuse. They must live in a box for a while to learn about homeless people. Then a little water boarding to teach about torture, then a quick trip to the bottom of the pool while wearing weights to teach water safety. By all means let them do some heroin to teach them about drugs. Then you can put them in time out so they are well adjusted and know how to handle the real world. While you are doing that , I will teach my grandkids those things in my own way , popping their butts when needed, and “sheltering “from things they are too young to understand, as I did my children, who are very well adjusted, college educated, home schooled professionals.

        [dih-skrim-uh-ney-shuhn] Show IPA
        an act or instance of discriminating, or of making a distinction.
        treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in FAVOR of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit:

      • I KNOW what discrimination means, probably better than you ever will, I grew up in a pit village and AM trans, discrimination is why my jaw is now held together by wire and I’ve suffered more head injuries than any person ever should. The fact is while you continue to reinforce the bathroom predators meme which by the way has been proven wrong in every state to allow these laws you are reinforcing the belief that any trans person could be a predator. You talk about my comprehension skills yet yours could clearly use some work if you cannot even grasp this simple concept.

      • and if a pervert enters they should be dealt with accordingly. HOWEVER if a trans person needs a piss we do not need the extra worry about whether you or your mates will decide we’re perverts for needing to empty our freaking bladders.

  2. who ever wrote this……..you are a sick individual and need to be heading over to a psychologist as soon as possible, you need some serious help

    • dude it’s alright for you, you can take a piss without finding out some assholes had followed you and despite you using an ungendered single stall to avoid all this bullshit now wanna kick hell outta ya. I’m sick ocf the stupid sexual predators will pretend to be trans meme, it results in idiots deciding we’re all your imaginary perverts. That gets innocent people HURT , can you not comprehend that? Police depts in areas wherte these equality laws have passed have all been contacted, they have no record of any sexual predator pretending to be trans to gain access. That should tell you something.

  3. Unchainedaura you pussy! Just because you are an ignorant redneck does not give you the right to shove your malevolent and opinionated BS down everyone’s neck. I am a straight male, was brought up in a homophobic neighbourhood (we never even got as intellectually and socially advanced as transphobia). I married a beautiful girl and fathered four children. I am quite a macho male and for the last forty years have constantly cycled, run, and trained various martial arts BUT I also think!. Years ago I read a book by Moir and Jessel called Brainsex. That opened a crack in my caveman opinions. Years later and after going through a divorce and much research, all of which is available on the internet (you myopic twat!!) I met an amazing transsexual woman. She is the love of my life, I have had several girlfriends since my divorce and have no problems finding and dating women but this girl is the only one I could ever be interested in.
    I don’t know what is driving your hatred, There was a transwoman who recently got attacked for daring to use a women’s bathroom. She needed to pee, what the hell is wrong with that. Can you point me towards the overwhelming statistical evidence that shows all the sexual attacks that transwomen have committed while going to the women’s bathroom?
    And.. what the hell is all this about sexual perversion?? I know a lot of transgendered people and when we chat sex hardly ever comes up in our discussions. Why are straight people so obsessed with sex? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you all perverts?

  4. @Unchainedaura. I’m really sorry, I was aiming my comment at the O.P.

    To the O.P. I hope our paths never cross, I have scraped better men off my shoe!!

  5. I’m going to post one more comment to show what true love and acceptance are. My partner’s mother is a Filipina. When I asked my partner how her mother had taken her transgenderism she said ‘Well, she thinks God made me this way, so it must be right and she accepts me’
    We are both atheists and though we can laugh at this it just goes to show the difference between the blind and ignorant hatred of the O.P. and that of truly loving people.

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