One comment on “A Not Good, New Day.

  1. I vaguely recall asking him if he was taking matching funds, and he said no.

    I may be wrong in my recollection, and merely intended to ask him (such has been known to happen to me)

    But as far as I knew, he wasn’t interested in matching funds in the first place. Remember two of the previous rumors about Lollar was that he didn’t have a running mate and that Ken Timmermen turned him down, solely because he intentionally made a late announcement.

    Also, Hogan announced, and announced he was taking matching funds the same day. Team Hogan is terrified of Lollar, at least it looks that way to me, so I’m not surprised that Team Hogan would say “At least our guy could file for matching funds”.

    So rumors are rumors, especially here.

    As for pedos, well, until now I knew the MD GOP only had one.

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