3 comments on “Beating a Dead Head Up Your…

  1. Actually, being an amorphous substance, scum *is* the plural. That’s why you never see an article (a, the) in front of it when the word describes a person. 😉

    Shame you couldn’t make it to JHU. I’d’ve given you my spare ticket for a chance to say hi.

  2. Anyone knows it takes money to run for office… except in your case. You see, it costs no money to not pay a bill and stick small businesses or young individuals with the loss of product and time. You call me scum and I call you a thief! Calling someone scum is not libelous but calling someone a thief is; if it’s not true. Sue me you moron. I am not calling you a bastard or SOB because I don’t know about your parents. But I do know that you have no place in society.

  3. The fact is you change candidates three times as much as it would cost at a regular retail or online printer, because you contract out with an outside vender. You do not even work at a printing company, perhaps you should stop ripping off Republican candidates in Maryland.

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