One comment on ““Maryland, You Need Some Wins.”

  1. “Gubernatorial hopeful” is a really apt description of Hogan. He is hopeful that not being Anthony Brown will carry the election for him, without his having to say anything of substance about himself. Let’s look at what he HAS said:

    “A business man, not a politician.”

    He was a commercial real estate broker. Is there anyone so naive as to believe that you succeed in that business without any help from government in the form of sweetheart deals, reduced-interest loans, or government contracts?

    “Not a politician.”

    He worked in the Ehrlich adminstration, which could simply mean he’s got experience as a bureaucrat. But he also ran for for congress, being defeated by Steny Hoyer. So by that definition, a three year old thoroughbred horse that has never won a race is a draft horse.

    I will hold my nose and vote for the guy because he is Not Anthony Brown. But my expectations could not be much lower.

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