4 comments on “A Rally, A Non-Endorsement and Some Endorsement Reminders

  1. You should also vote for Dr. Robinson if you live in 42, but seriously Bill Campbell is the most qualified person to ever run for an elected office.

  2. Great endorsements, too bad none of them(non-Statewide candidates)live in my district. But somehow, I can believe that Marks would endorse Brochin. Maybe he didn’t, but it is still within the realm of possibility.

  3. Brochin bragged about leading the rain tax now he says he’s taking th elead to repeal it. He said he voted against 38 taxes but he voted for all the spending. Yes, Maryland says there has to be a balanced budget so he makes the other Democrats into grinches so he can play Santa Clause. Trick or treat was yesterday. On election day, vote Tim Robinson.

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