2 comments on “The Governor-Elect Hits Dundalk

  1. Great article.

    Tho, while I agree that Hogan ran a great campaign, he also won, because Brown ran one of the worst campaigns.

    I met Brown at the Tawes Crab Fest during summer 2013. My mom actually told him not to run a campaign like Kennedy Townsend. He said not to worry, he’s running a real campaign….

    hahaha well, the lie detector showed that was a lie

    My impression of Brown was that he seemed pretty unfriendly for a professional politician, but then my mom did kind of insult him. However, as I later learned from Dem friends that’s how he usually is. He ended up fooling and pissing off a lot of Dems who expected him to do more when he ran. A lot of Dems were under the delusion that he was going to come out of the background when he ran, but he didn’t want to. As a LG he seemed perfect to the Dems, he had a great background (biracial, Harvard educated, intelligent, military experience, etc), was happy to play second fiddle and be dragged around by O’Malley, didn’t cause problems, did what he was asked to, etc. However as a governor candidate, he had weak people skills, didn’t want to be criticized, didn’t really want to talk about himself (besides military), sometimes didn’t want to talk to regular voters, sometimes didn’t want to talk to reporters, didn’t really want to campaign in certain counties, etc, etc, etc

    Brown was obsessed with talking about the military and seemed at times to enjoy serving a bit too much. He has the military attitude that some view as arrogance. He gives off an icy vibe usually. One friend described him as having something “off” about him. Also, in the military, you do what the higher-ups say, you don’t ask questions. You can also count on those under you to do what you say. You’re always treated with respect. Brown pretty much acts like a solider at all times (at least dealing with political people), expects to be treated like one and treats others “working” for him as military. You can’t run a political campaign like a platoon, especially with a group of fools who pretty much think the seat was already his and who needed to be check up on, not trusted. He also didn’t appear to have the ability to separate from his military persona and show voters the “real” him, even if he wanted to.

    Brown was warned repeatedly, even early on, to get serious and was offered up good advice and help by many high-ranking Dems. He and his team didn’t listen, even to O’Malley, since he was in charge now. And his team in the beginning actually refused offers from many. By the time, his team realized that he might lose, it was a bit too late. Then Brown’s people panicked and tried to treat Hogan like Romney. Of course, unlike Romney, Hogan was smart enough not to try to play both sides and let the Democrats define him. A lot of the things they said of Hogan, was true of Brown.


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