2 comments on “Rhymes with…

  1. Hmmmm, sounds like Vogt is drinking the President of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners water (Doug Howard) Mr. Howard offered a “disclosure” very late in the election process when it was found out he was closely mingling with a younger woman he’d hired as an assistant. Actually, the “disclosure” was apparently from his estranged wife Elizabeth Howard (cough), saying something like what Delegate elect Vogt has offered you Joseph. Only Mr. Howard wasn’t as lucky as Mr. Vogt to have his mistress daddy put them up in an apartment. Elizabeth says she’s OK with Doug having another woman on the side while they work through a separation. He can still have a bed in her house somewhere. Yep, the water is cloudy out in the western portion of the formerly free state. Mr. Howard is on the warpath to flip Carroll County into a Montgomery County RINO circus. With the help of his friend Delegate Susan Krebs and his highly paid assistant who makes more $$$$ than any Commissioner (Roberta Windham). Oh, she’s also Susan Krebs neighbor and ran Susan’s earlier campaign. Keep your eyes peeled on Carroll County folks…..peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks anyone?

  2. To clarify the other woman Mr. Howard is mingling with, is not Mrs. Windham…..no, no, she’s much younger…and Mr. Howard has since released the “other woman” from employment with the county….

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