One comment on “Executive Order EVERYTHING.

  1. Except there is something that tells you want they can do.

    § 3-401. “Executive order” defined.

    In this subtitle, “executive order” means an order or an amendment or rescission of an order that, over the signature of the Governor:

    (1) proclaims or ends a state of emergency or exercises the authority of the Governor during an emergency, under Title 14, Subtitle 3 of the Public Safety Article or any other provision of law;

    (2) adopts guidelines, rules of conduct, or rules of procedure for:

    (i) State employees;

    (ii) units of the State government; or

    (iii) persons who are under the jurisdiction of those employees or units or who deal with them;

    (3) establishes a unit, including an advisory unit, study unit, or task force; or

    (4) changes the organization of the Executive Branch of the State government.

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