2 comments on “Baltimore, I Hardly Knew You

  1. Come on now. The so-called riots were nothing more than staged street theater. The area was sealed off to the public. No coincidence Rawlings Blake is on the Federalization of the Police Taskforce created after the Ferguson dog and pony show (bet there are many of the same actors involved). The Oriole game sand the people who need the income were royally screwed while Stadium parking lots were turned into ad hoc military bases. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mosby got in on fraud. Better her black face and connections than Bernstein This was clearly planned well in advance. Truth is stranger than fiction -you should know that. Now does anyone know why the Raytheon built spy blimp is hanging around Baltimore all the time?

  2. and right on cue -SRB reading her scripted remarks inviting the DOJ to take over Baltimore. Federalization of the BCPD. Frogs aren’t the only ones who do not understand they are in a pot of water that will eventually boil them.

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