3 comments on “Skeletor’s Waterloo?

  1. I wonder if Andy “The Winker” Harris was the subject of a this blind item ” A male Member of Congress from an East Coast state is being investigated for sexual improprieties with a 17-year-old boy. The attorneys are discussing whether they have enough evidence to charge the congressman with a crime. The target of the investigation is over 40 and married with child/ren. He is a Republican.

    He should be defeated just for this alone -WEIRDO. “Politician Andy Harris Caught Winking At TV Cameras During Late Night Debate”

  2. Diana may be right on Rule 11, but here is another case where I suspect the state party may have a finger on the scale.

    Keep in mind as well the rivalry we had between E.J. Pipkin and Andy dating back from 2008. Smigiel and Pipkin were political allies in a number of ways (ask the folks in Cecil County) so there’s more to this than objections to some of Andy’s votes.

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