One comment on “Ka-BOOM!

  1. Joe I love you man and I too am happy about the outcome but this blog is not how to build a Party. I thought some of the outcomes were Louis coming back after losing and congratulating Dave and then reminding everyone that he had a fundraiser for Kathy at his home in a couple of weeks. Then Dave thanked Louis for all he’d done over the past many years.

    I agree that there will be many shifts in the State Party and that’s a very good thing. But the Executive Board has never been an old hack machine. Larry Helminiak and Eugene Craig sure don’t fit that description. Certainly our national position has flipped from Rockefeller to Reagan but Nicolee has always had the support of the EC.

    As to the Lt. Gov. you’re either a friend or not a friend. For twenty years they’ve lived on the same block and Louis got Rutherford into politics. It says good things about Boyd’s character that he was there and says very little about the esteem in which the group holds him. He was, after all, greeted with a standing ovation.

    So I end by saying “thank you Louis and congratulations David and Nicolee and Boyd, we’ll be with you in 2018”

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